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How to fix a Helium miner

How to fix a Helium Miner It’s been just over a month since I posted the “How to fix your RAK MNTD miner” blog and I’ve had countless people reach out thanking me for helping to get them back up … Read More

GTel’s first offgrid Helium Hotspot

GTel’s first Offgrid Hotspot We recently deployed our first Offgrid Helium Hotspot! This particular offgrid unit happens to be installed on top of a 4 story building in a suburban area with plenty of Internet and power access… so why … Read More

How to fix your RAK MNTD miner

This process fixes the following issues with RAK MNTD and just about any Helium miner (let us know if you find one that it doesn’t fix!): Addendum: This process works with just about every brand miner (make sure to use … Read More