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About Us

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It all started at home, with family..

Greg Tellone always had an entrepreneurial spirit, which started with mail ordering PC parts to his parent’s home in the 80’s and assembling them for sale to friends, family and his father's fellow Officers in the NYPD. By the young age of 25, after several years of working at Cheyenne Software and McKinsey & Co., Greg was ready to venture out on his own.

His vision – to bring his enterprise experience to small businesses who couldn't afford the benefits of a full-time geek. Greg started GTel Networks, Inc. in 1999, from his parent's basement, providing network infrastructure planning and management services to customers throughout the NY Tri-State area. From it's inception, his father Robert Michael Tellone was on the payroll and they were climbing up on the roof together, installing antennas to connect customer locations via Wireless Wide Area Networks.

Two decades later, his 17 year old son Tristan and 13 year old daughter Noelle joined the family business, bringing a new outlook on the future of technology. Tristan’s experience with cryptocurrency and crypto mining has helped countless people with their crypto investment strategies and operations. Tristan's crypto experience and Noelle's passion for helping build the family business, combined with their father's wireless networking and business experience, made the Helium network, a perfect fit.


We wear our hearts on our sleeves and treat every one of our Hotspot Hosts as if they were our own family member


Our Hotspot Management System (HMS) provides you with 24/7 access to monitor your hosting income.


We service each of our Host's hotspots as if it was our own, working around the clock to ensure maximum earnings.


Gregory Tellone

Gregory Robert Tellone

Greg is a well-known disaster recovery expert in the New York area, whose illustrious career spans over thirty years in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery field. A self-confessed computer geek, Greg is a thought leader in all things disaster recovery. With almost 40 years of experience in wired and wireless networking, from the days of Token-Ring and ARCNET and his first 10Mbps Laser Ethernet rooftop deployment (to play Castle Wolfenstein with his friend around the corner), he's focused his extensive expertise on delivering a new approach to data protection and business recovery for businesses of all sizes.

Tristan Gregory Tellone

Chief Crypto Officer
Tristan has been working in his father's businesses since 2017, providing help desk services to hundreds of customers. His experience working with countless end users has provided him with valuable life lessons and skills that our Hosts greatly appreciate. His knowledge of cryptocurrencies, mining rigs, applications, social media and countless other Generation Z technologies makes his skills invaluable to all of our Hotspot Hosts.
Noelle Rose Tellone

Noelle Rose Tellone

Director of HMS
Like her father and brother, Noelle took in early interest in technology, helping her brother build crypto mining rigs, starting at age 13. Noelle now runs the Hotspot Management System (HMS) commission program at GTel, ensuring all of our Hosts and Referral Partners are paid on-time and accurately, which is as important to us as it is to you.
Bob Tellone and Bill Clinton

Robert Michael Tellone

Chief Antenna Mounter
Bob's background in construction, carpentry, plumbing, roofing, electrical and just about any other trade you can imagine, has paved the way for generations of Tellone's to learn how to do anything they set their mind to. In his retirement days, he still enjoys climbing a ladder to do a roof-mount to help the family business.