GTel Networks, Inc.


Validator as a Service (VaaS)

The highest performing Validators provide the highest earnings. For our fellow HODLers of $HNT, our non-custodial Helium VaaS enables you to earn the highest residual income from staking your $HNT, without any out of pocket expenses or any of the heavy lifting. Our Validator Fleet runs on the fastest proven hardware available, in our privately owned data center, and is monitored 24/7 by our team of dozens of engineers. We are one of the world's largest staffed Helium VaaS providers, ensuring that your Validator is always online and earning.

Residential Hotspot Hosting

No need for technical know how for you to earn an income on the Helium network. Simply provide Wi-Fi, an outlet and a location for the Hotspot in your home and you can start earning while you sleep. We provide the equipment, and handle all the geek stuff, to maximize your earnings immediately!

Earn Passive, Recurring Revenue

Choose from being paid monthly in HNT cryptocurrency or in US Dollars. You'll earn up to 50% of all revenue earned by your Hotspot, depending on your location. Refer a friend or colleague and earn 10% residual referral commission. Your income earned is viewable 24/7 on our Hotspot Management System (HMS).

Commercial Hotspot Hosting

Commercial Hosting Partners can choose from revenue share or a standard rooftop antenna lease agreement. Our commercial installations target buildings at least 4 stories high for optimal wireless coverage through a roof mounted Hotspot.

The People's Network is Green

The People's Network, Powered by The People, is the world’s fastest growing wireless network ever and is environmentally friendly. Our Residential Hotspots use about 5 watts of energy, similar to a home router, and our Commercial Hotspots are 100% Solar Powered.