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GTel Helium VaaS – August 2022 in Review

GTel Helium Validator as a Service (VaaS) August 2022 in Review One of our validators hit a new 30 day all time high earnings of 139.162HNT! This is a whopping 298% higher than expected APY! We haven’t confirmed yet, but … Read More

How to fix a Helium miner

How to fix a Helium Miner It’s been just over a month since I posted the “How to fix your RAK MNTD miner” blog and I’ve had countless people reach out thanking me for helping to get them back up … Read More

GTel’s first offgrid Helium Hotspot

GTel’s first Offgrid Hotspot We recently deployed our first Offgrid Helium Hotspot! This particular offgrid unit happens to be installed on top of a 4 story building in a suburban area with plenty of Internet and power access… so why … Read More