GTel Networks, Inc.


Host Setup Guide

In preparation for your install date, here’s a quick guide to help you prepare. The main goal of this guide is for you to install your Helium wallet app, so that we can send you your monthly HNT earnings. On or about the 1st of each month, you will receive a notification from the app (if you enable notifications) letting you know that you’ve received a payment from us.

For your install date, most installations start with an ‘attic install’ that takes under an hour. For this installation type, we hang the hotspot from one of the rafters in the attic and join the hotspot and a smart power switch to your WiFi network (the installer will need your WiFi password). The smart switch is so that we can remotely power cycle the device, when needed. Once the initial installation is completed, the Installer will walk around your house and take a video, to help us determine the best roof mount type for your home. Someone will be in touch with you to schedule the roof install, which is when you start making the big bucks!

Steps to install your Wallet

Install the Helium Hotspot app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store:

Open the app and tap the Create an Account button:

Tap the “Generate my 12 words” button and the app will assign you a 12 word password. You must write down all 12 words, in the order they were presented to you, and store them in a safe place. You could lose access to all of your HNT cyrpto should you lose these 12 words.

DO NOT SHARE THESE 12 WORDS WITH ANYONE, EVER, UNLESS YOU ARE INTENDING TO GIVE THEM ALL OF YOUR HELIUM CRYPTO CURRENCY. These 12 words are your secret recovery phrase and you will only need to use them when you upgrade your phone and reinstall the Helium app. Store these 12 words in a safe place. Do not store them digitally on your computer, in case your computer is ever compromised. Should anyone ever ask you for these words, it’s because they are trying to steal your crypto. Please alert us should anyone ever ask you for your words. If you’ve lost your 12 words, but still have the app installed, you can retrieve your 12 words through the Settings page (gear icon).

After you’ve written down your 12 words, it will prompt you to select each of your words, from a random list of words. Repeat this process for each of the 12 words.

You will be prompted to create and confirm a PIN code. You are required to enter this PIN each time you open the app. Choose a PIN code that you will remember!

On the Add a Helium Miner page, tap the two arrows pointing towards each other at the bottom, to open your $HNT wallet. Circled in green in this example:

On the My Wallet page, tap the Green circle. This is how you receive HNT crypto from others.

Tap the blue Share button and text or email your public wallet address to your installer who will forward it to GTel.  This public wallet address is safe to share with anyone who you want to send you HNT crypto.

Congratulations, you now have successfully created your $HNT wallet! We look forward to earning with you and welcome to the future!