GTel Networks, Inc.

Helium Staking

Want to stake your $HNT with the highest performing VaaS provider?

Since Consensus Group (CG) rewards are based on how often you make it into CG, and your performance dictates how often you make it in to CG, then of course you do! 

As one of the newest members of the VaaS community, we were able to use the hindsight of those who went before us. Our fleet has one of the lowest Performance to Tenure (P/T) ratios, at 0.247, and is continuously decreasing, as the size of the fleet increases. Want to see raw performance at it’s peak? Our block validation times are measured in milliseconds, with an average block validation time of under 800ms!

With so many options for staking a Helium Validator, we make it simple. When you stake your $HNT to a Validator that we manage for you, we guarantee you’ll have the highest performing Helium Validator hardware available. We also guarantee not to oversubscribe the hardware to a point that affects your returns. How do we do this? By earning you more rewards than other VaaS providers, yet charging only slightly more.

Are you earning over 80 $HNT per month?

Validator as a Service (VaaS)

Want to have access to the best hardware available, and not have to worry about monitoring, performance, upgrades, Linux expertise and cloud costs? We provide the infrastructure and manage your Validators. 

Fully managed Validators

  • Shared Hosting 8% of $HNT monthly rewards*
  • Dedicated Hosting 6% of $HNT monthly rewards**
  • $0 USD monthly fee 
  • 24/7 Monitoring from our NOC
  • Access to Grafana/Prometheus metrics
  • Non-custodial, keep your $HNT in your wallet
  • No term commitment
  • Hardware specs match Dedicated server
*10,000 HNT Staking Requirement per Shared Validator 
**60,000 HNT Staking Requirement per Dedicated Host

Validator Infrastructure as a Service (VIaaS)

Want to have access to the best hardware available, and still manage your own Validator? We provide the infrastructure - you manage your Validators.

Self Managed Dedicated Server

  • Intel Core i9-12900K (Alder Lake) Processor
  • 2TB 7,300/6,900MB/s  Read/Write NVMe
  • 360 AIO Pump Cooler
  • 10GB Dual Port NIC
  • No ingress/egress fees
  • Remote Console
  • 64GB DDR5 RAM $249.00/month
  • 128GB DDR RAM $349.00/month
  • 12 Month Commitment
  • ~1 week lead time 
Prefer to pay with HNT?  Pay 25 $HNT or 35 $HNT per month, respectively, regardless of the the current value of HNT. 

N+1 Redundancy, Uptime?

Do you want an uptime commitment for your investment? When it comes to keeping our clients in business, that’s our bread and butter. Being in the Disaster Recovery industry for over 30 years lead us to build an N+1 Validator infrastructure, because it’s in our blood. This ensures that in the event of a hardware failure, we can quickly migrate your Validator(s) to other hardware, or even to one of our other data centers. 

Ready to Stake?

Already know how to stake or transfer your current stake and just need your new peer address? Or need to schedule a time for us to walk you through the process? 
Submit your Helium Staking Application to get started, it’s that simple! 

Need more info? What exactly is a Helium Validator, anyhow?

Validators are nodes on the Helium Blockchain that perform Consensus Group work, which includes tasks such as verifying all network transactions, adding new blocks to the blockchain, and creating challenges for Helium Hotspots. The majority of Validators run on Linux, which requires a very specific level of expertise to successfully operate. Unless you’re running a Validator as a hobby, the only way to earn a respectable ROI is to partner with a VaaS. 

What is Staking?

Crypto staking is the process of locking up your crypto holdings, in exchange for rewards. When you Stake your HNT to a Validator, you become an Investor in the Helium blockchain. All rewards you earn are immediately liquid and can be transferred or sold at will. There is no minimum or maximum term for how long you stake for, however, the 10,000 HNT stake itself does not become liquid until ~5 months (250,000 blocks on the chain) after you un-stake your validator.

Validator earnings are impacted directly by several factors, such as hardware performance, Internet connectivity, and most importantly, its uptime and ability to keep up to the tip of the chain. This is not a plug and play solution. It requires constant care and feeding, to ensure that your Validator is always online and earning rewards. This is what we do best.

Have questions? Hit us up on our discord server or contact us to schedule a time to speak on the phone (yea, we still do that).