GTel Networks, Inc.

Validator Consultation

Free 30 minute Validator Performance Consultation

If you’re Helium Validator is constantly being assessed with performance penalties, we’re here to help guide you in the right direction.  At no cost to you, we’ll schedule a 30 minute Microsoft Teams meeting, to review your setup, run some diagnostics and determine if your current configuration is capable of accomplishing 0 performance penalty consensus group runs.

Submit the form and let us know a couple days/times that work for you, as well as your validator name and some information on the server configuration, i.e. hosting provider, type of disks, memory, CPU, etc. We’ll send you a Teams meeting invite and see if we can help you get your Performance/Tenure (P/T) ratio below 0.1, just like ours.

To prepare for the meeting, make sure you have Teams installed and open an ssh or console to your validator. You’ll do a screen share of the validator console and we’ll walk your through some commands to run to determine your server’s performance capabilities and review any OS tweaks that can help you earn more HNT.